Share Data B2B In 1-Click, From Any Source

No-code data sharing between with organizations. Say goodbye to sending data via emails, FTP and complicated databases.

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Exchange Data With Other DataGrid Accounts. Publish & Subscribe, No Code, No Stress.

No need for servers, databases, ETL jobs or custom APIs to share data with teams, clients, suppliers or agencies. Simply share data between DataGrid accounts in a few clicks.

Connect data source in one click with real-time or scheduled data updates

Publish data you want to share to other DataGrid accounts

Automatically generate databases and tables for your recipients to access

Recipients access your shared data via API or CSV

Seamless & Secure

When you need to share data regularly with other organizations

Integrate and share data more securely than ever. DataGrid eliminates the need to expose public endpoints and lets you control who can access your data. Users are required to authenticate securely to consume your data. In addition, all data stored on DataGrid is encrypted to the latest standard, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

A Complete Toolkit To Share & Integrate Data. Say goodbye to sending data via emails and portals.

Out-of-the-box one-click connectors

Authenticate your sources and get your data feeds up an running in a few clicks.

Extensible with your own connectors​

Use our templates to build your own connectors to integrate your own applications.

Real-time & scheduled data feeds

Sync and publish data from your sources in real-time or setup refresh schedules. Never update data manually again.

Auto-generated zero maintenance databases

Auto-generated databases based on the connectors you chose, to store your data on DataGrid. 

No-code data integration & sharing

Integrate and share data between teams and organisations in minutes without a single line of code. 

Publish & subscribe to data feeds

Share and consume data feeds from other DataGrid accounts. Use the same source to publish multiple feeds in different formats.

Merge subscriptions

Merge feeds from multiple publishers into one combined feed, in 3 clicks.

Customize data feeds

Design datasets to publish, summarize, select specific columns and apply filters. 

Integrate feeds via API subscription endpoints

Directly integrate data feeds you subscribe to into other applications through unique REST API endpoints generated for each subscription.

Publish & Subscribe To Send and Receive Data From Any DataGrid Account

Now In Private Beta

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